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About us

                                       About us

Sapodilla started officially in 2015. Although selling our products is fairly new, our story goes back almost 30 years. Sapodilla is the name of a fruit, found in many warm destinations. This fruit was one I grew to love. It became a favorite. Little did I know, I lived in a sapodilla field.

This field of Sapodilla trees, was later turned into the place I called home. I grew up in a small orphanage in Grenada, called the Sapodilla home. My stay there, shaped the way I viewed life. When I created this brand, I wanted it to be meaningful. I wanted a way to reach other children, who didn’t have a traditional home. One thing that meant a lot to me, was indeed the Sapodilla home. So today I celebrate my childhood, with this brand. My main goal is to give back, to other kids in orphanages around the world.


Join me in shaping the way children view the world.